Sermons from March 2020

Sermons from March 2020

Sunday Worship: 3/29/20 From Fright to Sight

The same fear the Israelites experienced when they saw the giant Goliath is the same fear we can be experiencing as we face COVID-19. It also doesn’t have to be a global event – it can be personal event that stirs up great fear. Sometimes it is waiting for test results or a job interview. The fear can be consuming. It is all that we see. In today’s message, Pastor Vince helps us to not be consumed by alarming events…

Right Where You Are

In our vulnerability and brokenness, Jesus doesn’t keep His distance from us. We can have perfect fellowship with Him because God sent His Son to rescue us out of our brokenness. God calls us to slow down and remember that what matters most is for us to embrace His presence in our daily lives.

Sunday Worship: 3/22/20 Look Up and Listen

Throughout the generations, God has spoken to man in various forms. One way is through the skies. He spoke to Noah through the sign of the rainbow. He spoke to David through the vastness of the night sky. Today, He continues to use the sky to speak to us. Pastor Vince shares from Psalm 19 and reminds us of the foundational truth that God is above it all and He is not impacted by the things that shake us. Yet,…

Who Came Up With This Idea?

Pastor Vince teaches on the subject of marriage by focusing on these four points: the place, the purpose, the permanence, and the power of marriage. “It is important to see Who came up with this idea of marriage: God did! It is also important to remember it is for the purpose of mutual loving care that can not only impact your spouse, but your children, your church and the world around you.”

He Will, With Your Life

Pastor Vince continues his study in 1 Corinthians 6:9-20 by reminding us of what the book of Revelations teaches us: that Jesus is in the midst of His people. Keeping that in mind makes all the difference as we dive into this passage in 1 Corinthians. Pastor Vince shares four insights: what sin does – what Jesus does – what sin seeks to still do – what Jesus keeps doing.