Sermons from May 2020

Sermons from May 2020


Pastor Vince continues in his series, “Evidences for a Reasonable Faith.” He uses several Scripture references to show that the very God Who created and designed this world gives evidence that He sustains it. He shows us why He can and why that should cause us to have confidence, peace and joy as we move forward in our lives.

“Let My People Think”

Pastor Vince begins a new series entitled, “Evidences for a Reasonable Faith.” Everything we know and believe of God was initiated by Him. We believe in God because He wanted to reveal Himself to us so that we would respond in faith to Him. What are at least two ways that God has revealed Himself? Watch this message to find out.

Sunday Worship May 17, 2020 “I Want to be Stopped in my Tracks”

Pastor Vince begins his teaching in Joshua 5 and reminds us that as we are all walking on God’s earth, He offers us a wonderful relationship with Him. Yet, there is something that we need to be sure of. This relationship will never begin with our demands but will only begin with us on our knees in awe of the power, of the goodness and the love of God.

Sunday Worship 5/3/20 “How Beautiful”

During this pandemic, we have been faced with our limitations that we are not always able to be present and close with those we love. Yet, Pastor Vince shares with us that Jesus is not nor will ever lost His ability to be ever present with us. Nothing will ever stop Him to have beautiful communion with us. May we accept His invitation to walk in communion with Him every day.