John & Dasia Abramovich

John & Dasia Abramovich

Serving under the auspices of BCM, an international missionary organization, John and Dasia Abramovich are ministering in Poland where they teach the Word of God to children and teens. Communist control left many in this nation without any faith at all and missionaries like John and Dasia are helping young people to meet the risen Lord Jesus Christ for the first time.

John and Dasia focus on children’s ministries through Bible Clubs, Vacation and Summer Bible Camps for children and a Climbing/English Language Camp for teenagers, along with various other youth outreaches.  They also conduct meetings in public schools, and host events for parents and church workers.

As director of MED, Dasia is responsible for their teacher training programs, directs summer Bible Camps and Bible Clubs, disciples students, counsels women, and organizes meetings and retreats for children,workers, and parents.

John leads Bible studies for teenagers, and conducts English conversation classes for students in their community.  He teaches and preaches in four local churches, and in home, and community bible studies.  When possible, John accepts other invitations to preach, including in the nearby Czech Republic.  He assists the Polish MED workers in preparing English versions of their correspondence, publications, and newsletters.

John also serves as BCM’s Eastern European Regional Coordinator.  John, who plays the accordion, has recently joined other musicians leading hymn sings in churches and retirement homes. He hopes this will lead to a music ministry, another way to reach others with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

John and Dasia are only two people, and sometimes days don’t seem long enough for them to accomplish their work.  But, they write, “We do not have a solo ministry, but cooperate with many other servants who love the Lord and his people and work to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to unbelievers.”