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Sermon Archive

Quark, the Herald Atom Sings

Pastor Vince continues his teaching of God’s Amazing Creation by focusing on His design of gravity – of holding all things together. Does the truth of God holding everything in His hands filter down into our own personal lives? Do we find peace and trust in His plan?

Taste, and Be Tasty!

Pastor Vince continues to teach through his series of God’s Amazing Creation. His Scripture reference is Matthew 5:13. One thought provoking question he asks after highlighting the amazing sense of taste that God has designed our bodies with is this: “What does my life taste like?” Listen in to hear more.

What a Memory!

Pastor Vince continues his teaching series of “God’s Amazing Creation” and he focuses on our brain and the incredible gift of memory. “God has give you memory to remember your relationship with Him and His faithfulness to you.”

Rerun, Reunite, Restore

Pastor Greg compares his spiritual journey these past several months to the time when Jesus restored Peter which is in John 21:1-21.

Seasons with the Son

Pastor Vince continues his teaching on the magnificence of God’s creation. “If you are not awake to the glory of God and to His plan of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, then you are not awake to life.”

Behold and Be Held

Pastor Vince begins a study on God’s magnificent creation and asks the following questions: “How does creation move you? What does it move you towards? To WHOM does it move you towards?” He uses Isaiah 40:28-31 as his Scripture foundation for this week’s teaching. When you focus on God’s creation, take time to discover, take time to be moved by what you see and take time to be loved by God. “As you are beholding it all, you can know…

Time To Say More Than Goodbye

Pastor Vince concludes his teaching on 1 Thessalonians with Paul’s closing words and prayer for the church in Thessalonica. “When you hear Paul’s goodbye, you may also hear God’s hello.” Pastor Vince speaks of God’s work being calming, complete and current.

God Would Like to Use Your Current Location. Allow?

This Father’s Day, Pastor Vince takes a break from his teaching in 1 Thessalonians to teach on Nehemiah 3:28-29. He asks three questions: “Where are you located in life? Who do you love at your wall? What are you looking for?” It is an encouraging message to remind us that God has us right where He wants to use us. Are we allowing Him to work in and through us to accomplish His purpose?