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Jesus, I’m an Open Book

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in 1 Corinthians and focuses on how each of our lives is an open book to God. Yet, we do not need to be fearful of that fact. Instead, we should be confident. How can we be confident in that? Listen in to find out.

He Sings a Love Song

Pastor Vince puts his own spin on the Christmas song, “Winter Wonderland.” He shares of Someone Who has come to sing a new song in our lives that is “here to stay.” That new song is a love song that God is singing to us. He sings, “I want to be with you.” He sings this love song “as we go along” every day of our lives. John 1:14

Your Defining Moment

Those familiar with the Christmas story know that the wise men used a star to find Jesus. The star was a visible display of guidance provided by God for them. Pastor Vince reminds us that God guides our lives daily not by a star but by a defining moment. What is that specific defining moment? Take a listen to find out. Luke 2

Handfuls of Purpose

Pastor Greg continues his teaching in Ruth this week. While Ruth is not a traditional Christmas passage, it does take place in Bethlehem. Pastor Greg points out that “if we don’t have this story in Bethlehem, we don’t have the other story in Bethlehem that we are very familiar with.” Why is the title of this sermon “Handfuls of Purpose?” Listen in to find out.

Wrapping Paper, Wrapping Pain

Pastor Vince begins his Christmas series in the book of Habakkuk 3:17-19. Take a minute to read those three verses as it’s an interesting place to start. How does he tie them in to the Christmas story? Listen in to this very encouraging message. “God uses the context of pain as the wrapping paper for the gifts of the comfort of His promises and the comfort of His presence.” Luke 1:5-23

We Gather Together

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in 1 Corinthians and asks what is it that causes us to gather together? It is our common identity as God’s children, our common commitment to the Word of God, and our common purpose which is God’s glory. 1 Corinthians 3:8-23
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Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving

Pastor Vince takes a break from his study of 1 Corinthians to prepare our hearts for the holiday of Thanksgiving. Why does the sermon title include “Merry Christmas” and why is it listed before “Happy Thanksgiving”? Listen to the message to find out. “Do you want to wake up every day with a spirit and heart of thanksgiving? If so, you need to hear a message from heaven.”

A Tale of Two Cities

This week, Pastor Greg begins teaching from the book of Ruth. He shares that it is a book of redemption, revival and restoration. “Are you someone who wonders where God is when tragedy after tragedy attacks your faith? The book of Ruth is for you. Are you someone who can’t imagine that God can do something extraordinary or significant with your ordinary life of faith, the book of Ruth is for you.” Ruth 1:1-22

Stop Playing Fantasy Church

This week, Pastor Vince continues his teaching in 1 Corinthians and encourages us to stop playing “fantasy church” and to get on the move with God. “What impact am I having on the world around me and in my church?” He uses the following three points: Get your eyes off of the world’s approval – Get your eyes on the Lord – Get your eyes on yourself. Do the last two points seem to contradict each other? Listen in to…

Harry’s Heartache was Paul’s Pain

In 1 Corinthians 3, Paul expresses his heartbreak in the lack of growth in the Christians’ lives as a whole in Corinth. He is not seeing a difference in how they live before faith in Christ and after faith in Christ. Pastor Vince shares how we can learn from the Corinthians and encourages us in moving towards active spiritual growth in Jesus. Is your faith making a change in you? How do you measure spiritual growth? It is not by…

The Voice: Corinth Edition

Pastor Vince uses the example of the current hit TV show “The Voice” to introduce this week’s sermon on 1 Corinthians. In today’s passage, Paul expounds on the importance of the power of the Holy Spirit not only in our speech (voice) but in every aspect of our lives.

The Foolishness of God?

In this week’s message from 1 Corinthians, Pastor Vince shares that the wisdom of man is no match for the wisdom of God. “We co-exist in a culture that is confused and often combating the content of the Christian message. Yet, Paul encourages us to be confident in God and confident in His gospel.”

Put His Sandals On

Pastor Vince uses an analogy of walking the Ocean City boardwalk without sandals to walking through life without our spiritual sandals on. “Paul has a great concern for his readers in that he can see their ‘feet’ are getting splintered – there are several splinters already in them – and the reason is that you haven’t put on the sandals of Jesus. You are not letting Him walk in your lives.” 1 Corinthians 1:1-17

Still the One

Pastor Vince begins his study of 1 Corinthians by asking a question: How can something that was written to a specific group of people 2000 years ago have anything to do with us or have any meaning to us? Is it really something that is worth our devotion? He answers that question by taking us back to the last few verses of Matthew 28. “What we are sharing is not the old truths – but they are the truths that…
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The Depth of Dark Skies

As summer fades and autumn approaches, we will begin to lose daylight. We can be impacted physically and emotionally by darkness and light. Darkness affects us – it covers our ability to see physically and it can also cover our ability to see spiritually. Sometimes it is both. This week as Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Matthew, he shares how in the dark skies of deepest pain, God’s truth can still be trusted, God’s presence can be entered, and…
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Why Does It Hurt So Bad?

As Pastor Vince continues his study in Matthew 27, he states: “I believe that the crucifixion of Jesus is much more like a modern entertainment show in that there is activity all over the stage and it is dramatic. But, in the midst of it, I believe Matthew wants to zoom us in and say, “Just listen to one line of the lyrics to see Jesus saying, ‘It hurts so bad!’ and Matthew allows us to see why He is…
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Are You Seeing This?

As technology increases, we are able to see more stunning live moments that are captured. For example, there is a video from Hurricane Dorian where a person is filming from inside their home as the water floods into his home and he yells in disbelief, “Are you seeing this?!” In today’s message from Matthew 27:11-26, we are taken into the moments where Jesus is mistreated and rejected. Some may wonder if the angelic response in heaven to what they see…
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The Journey with Jesus Never Has to End this Way

This week, Pastor Vince continues his study in Matthew and offers a comparison between Peter and Judas and how their response to a crisis in their lives impacted their journey with Jesus. “No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, your journey with Jesus does not have to end in your failure and in your brokenness – Never! Jesus comes to you today with His life-changing power and says, “Follow Me.” Matthew 26:69-27:10 (We apologize in advance for…
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How Do I Look?

When you are feeling attacked or overwhelmed with your circumstances, what is your response? Where do you run to? What do you focus on? This week, Pastor Greg teaches from 2 Chronicles 20 where several armies are closing in on Judah and shares what the response of their king is. “How determined am I to seek the Lord when the armies are closing in on me?” 2 Chronicles 20:1-30
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Fact Check: Jesus is Still King

Recently, a few prominent Christians have publicly renounced their faith in Jesus. Some may ask those who are Christians, “Doesn’t that shake your faith?” Our answer should be a resounding NO! Jesus Christ remains the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Our faith is not in those who have previously proclaimed faith in Jesus, but in Jesus Himself. Our own feelings and struggles can also try to shape and control our story, yet we need to remind ourselves that…