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See It, and Sing About It!

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in 1 Samuel 2 and shares that the only security we have in life is our relationship with God. He also points out through Hannah’s song in chapter 2 how God works in time, in situations and in people.

Hannah: Jesus Freak

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in 1 Samuel and shares about Hannah and her faith in God. He points out her soft heart, her surrendered heart, her steady heart and her settled heart.

There’s No Call After the Curtain

As Pastor Vince concludes his teaching in the book of Revelation, he uses the example of the 1972 Olympic basketball gold medal game upset to remind us that God very graciously and firmly makes clear to us that when we come to the end of our lives, no one will be able to change the rules for us. No one will be able to put time back on the clock for us. God, because He loves us, is honest regarding…

Beauty & No Beast

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 21 and shares how God desires to give us a true, big picture of not only what’s coming and in store for us in Heaven, but of what He is doing right now in and through His people on Earth.

There’s Angels, Not Elves, and We Will Be Ourselves

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 21 and asks the question: “What will life be like with nothing tainted by sin? With none of the vulnerabilities of sin? None of the heartaches of sin? We were created with a capacity to experience life and when we are in heaven, we will experience life the same way we do on Earth – but without sin.” Hallelujah!

Daddy, Do We Get to Live Here?

As Pastor Vince continues in his teaching of Revelation, he shares what his young children excitedly said when they moved into their new home: “Daddy, do we get to live here?” That example of joy and excitement is just a small taste of what we will be feeling in the scene of Revelation 21 where we will be in our heavenly, eternal state. We will be asking our Heavenly Father, “Abba Father, do we get to live here?” Listen in…

Be Very Sure

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 20 where “we can dream a little and taste by faith that day that is going to come to this Earth when we will fully experience the complete victory of Jesus – His rule, His reign and His kingdom indeed.”

Here He Comes

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 19 where we see the conclusion of Jesus’ return. He will be coming to put an end to those who have rejected Him.

“Better Than the Cowboys Losing!”

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 19. In these last chapters, as we see where the satanic world is heading, we’d be tempted to say that the book of Revelation is about the world losing. But it’s not. It’s about Jesus winning. There are four praises in this chapter that Pastor Vince focuses on. In conclusion, he asks us if we are bitter about what life has brought us or are we more blessed with what’s ahead?

Bubbles or Beatitudes

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation and begins by reading from Ecclesiastes 1:1-2. “If you live your life without God, you may live decades. You may accumulate a lot. You may achieve many things, yet what would you have at the end? Nothing. All the efforts, activity, accomplishments, and advancements of the human race apart from God equal to nothing…There’s nothing wrong with things. It’s whether we give God thanks, share with others and give Him glory for the…