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If You See Something, Say Something

When one is suffering from Alzheimers, there is a point when they no longer recognize loved ones. We ask them, “Do you see me? Can you remember who I am?” Yet, they do not. Pastor Vince references this in his message in Matthew 16 when Jesus gets into the faces of His disciples and asks them if they see Him for Who He really is. “Jesus didn’t come to provide a little inspiration or encouragement to us – but He…

Same Supper, New Now

This week’s subject is about a miracle where Jesus miraculously feeds thousands of people. Some may think, “Didn’t Pastor Vince already teach on this miracle? Is he trying to recycle a sermon?” While it does sound very familiar, these are two different miracles with two different messages. Take a little time to listen to this message to learn about the big shift in Jesus’ ministry – the “new now.” Matthew 15:32-39

His Story

The ‘power of the people’ can have an impact on whether something rises or falls. Whether it be the success of a restaurant or Santa’s sleigh in the Elf movie. Yet, the power of the people has no impact on whether the true impact of the Christmas story will rise or fall. It doesn’t matter whether 1 person or 7 billion people believe in the Christmas story – the truth and impact of it remains the same. Your response to…

The Three Amigas

Our life context is different than others around us – yet we can find comfort in the same thing: that the God of all creation is with us. That’s the Christmas story. It comes to our broken lives. Immanuel, God with us. Luke 1:39-45

Sour Milk and Stale Cookies

During the holiday season, it’s common to see the word “Believe” on tshirts, in store displays, on cards. Yet, it begs the question: “Believe what?” What do you believe in? This week, Pastor Vince steps back from his study in Matthew and takes us to Luke 2 when he speaks on the man Simeon who is an excellent example of the beauty of belief and of holding securely to what he believes during the testing of waiting and pain. “When…

Vince and Dan, and the Condition of Man

In this week’s sermon, Pastor Vince begins his message about a fight he had with his brother, Dan, when they were kids. He explains how this fight is a great example of our sin nature and the pain it can cause others. He then moves into his study of Matthew in chapter 15 when Jesus is sitting on a mountainside, overlooking the crowds, pondering the condition of man as the crowds approach Him. Pastor Vince describes the beginning, the broken,…

The Woman He Ignored; The Savior She Couldn’t

Do you remember the children’s game “Hot/Cold” where a child tries to find an item in a room and needs to be given directions on whether they are near (hot) or far (cold) from the item? In this week’s message, Pastor Vince references this game as he continues his teaching in Matthew Chapter 15. “Jesus has been and continues to mold and shape His disciples’ faith and in this scene, He allows them to see the contrast of cold, dead…

Digestion 101

“This Thursday, it is possible that we may be putting Thanksgiving turkey and Thanksgiving stuffing in our mouths while we are digesting discontentment and grumbling in our hearts. Matthew 15 draws out that contrast of what’s coming out of our mouths but what’s really happening in our hearts – it’s a dangerous dichotomy when they are far apart.” Matthew 15:1-20  

More Incredible than Helen Parr!

Are you familiar with Helen Parr? You may know her better by her other names – Mrs. Incredible or ElastiGirl?…Her stretching abilities may be incredible in animated film, but not as incredible as the real life stretching that we see from Jesus in today’s sermon. What stretching of Jesus could Pastor Vince be referring to? Click on the video to find out.

Because the World Needed More Than a Grampa Stroehmann

Do you know the only miracle that Jesus performed that is mentioned in all four of the gospels? It is the one that Pastor Vince teaches on this week. “We are going to read a story where we are going to need to ask ourselves: Do I believe it? Do I really believe that Jesus performed this miracle?” Matthew 14:13-21

Nothing Artificial Can Stay This Soft

Artificial ingredients can keep muffins soft, but not the heart, spiritually speaking. The human heart – our inner being – cannot be kept soft artificially. That’s only going to happen because of the very real presence of the love of Almighty God. As followers of Jesus, that is what has to happen…If there is one place that society has to be seeing genuineness and hearts that are not impacted by ugliness, it has to be in the followers of Jesus.…

Matthew Chapter Thirteen Is My Source For World News

In today’s world, we are bombarded with constant sources of news – network, cable, internet – and all of this can leave us feeling anxious and fearful. Yet, Pastor Vince shares how the gospel can be the best top story that will remain the top story – and it is good news! Matthew 13

Heed The Seed

This past Sunday, Pastor Vince taught on the parable of the sower in Matthew 13.  He encouraged us to “heed the seed” – to hear and understand the Word of God so that it will produce all that God desires to do in and through our lives. Matthew 13

The Resemblance Can’t Be Seen In The Family Photo

Have you ever watched a TV show where the family members bear no resemblance to each other, though they want us to believe that they are biologically connected?  Pastor Vince uses this analogy in this week’s sermon: “Jesus points us to look at His family photo, but the resemblance is not visible in the photo; it can’t be seen.  Why? Because the resemblance is internal.” This week, Pastor Vince continues his study in Matthew and is in chapter 12.