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Vince and Dan, and the Condition of Man

In this week’s sermon, Pastor Vince begins his message about a fight he had with his brother, Dan, when they were kids. He explains how this fight is a great example of our sin nature and the pain it can cause others. He then moves into his study of Matthew in chapter 15 when Jesus is sitting on a mountainside, overlooking the crowds, pondering the condition of man as the crowds approach Him. Pastor Vince describes the beginning, the broken,…

The Woman He Ignored; The Savior She Couldn’t

Do you remember the children’s game “Hot/Cold” where a child tries to find an item in a room and needs to be given directions on whether they are near (hot) or far (cold) from the item? In this week’s message, Pastor Vince references this game as he continues his teaching in Matthew Chapter 15. “Jesus has been and continues to mold and shape His disciples’ faith and in this scene, He allows them to see the contrast of cold, dead…

Digestion 101

“This Thursday, it is possible that we may be putting Thanksgiving turkey and Thanksgiving stuffing in our mouths while we are digesting discontentment and grumbling in our hearts. Matthew 15 draws out that contrast of what’s coming out of our mouths but what’s really happening in our hearts – it’s a dangerous dichotomy when they are far apart.” Matthew 15:1-20  

More Incredible than Helen Parr!

Are you familiar with Helen Parr? You may know her better by her other names – Mrs. Incredible or ElastiGirl?…Her stretching abilities may be incredible in animated film, but not as incredible as the real life stretching that we see from Jesus in today’s sermon. What stretching of Jesus could Pastor Vince be referring to? Click on the video to find out.