Sermons by Greg Ginion

Sermons by Greg Ginion

She Did WHAT?!

This week, Pastor Greg continues his study in the book of Ruth, picking up in chapter 3. He teaches on a surprising and almost scandalous act that Ruth performs towards Boaz. Yet, how Boaz responds to Ruth is a picture of how God responds and provides for us.

Handfuls of Purpose

Pastor Greg continues his teaching in Ruth this week. While Ruth is not a traditional Christmas passage, it does take place in Bethlehem. Pastor Greg points out that “if we don’t have this story in Bethlehem, we don’t have the other story in Bethlehem that we are very familiar with.” Why is the title of this sermon “Handfuls of Purpose?” Listen in to find out.

A Tale of Two Cities

This week, Pastor Greg begins teaching from the book of Ruth. He shares that it is a book of redemption, revival and restoration. “Are you someone who wonders where God is when tragedy after tragedy attacks your faith? The book of Ruth is for you. Are you someone who can’t imagine that God can do something extraordinary or significant with your ordinary life of faith, the book of Ruth is for you.” Ruth 1:1-22
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How Do I Look?

When you are feeling attacked or overwhelmed with your circumstances, what is your response? Where do you run to? What do you focus on? This week, Pastor Greg teaches from 2 Chronicles 20 where several armies are closing in on Judah and shares what the response of their king is. “How determined am I to seek the Lord when the armies are closing in on me?” 2 Chronicles 20:1-30

Knots, Nots and Don Knotts

How is your worship? When our eyes are on ourselves, it prevents us to worship freely. This week, Pastor Greg teaches from Psalm 103 and encourages us in our worship of God by remembering three things: Remember what God has done – Remember what He has not done – Remember who we are in Him.
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Whoever, Whatever & Forever

Pastor Greg completes his study of 1 John by encouraging us to know that if we walk in light, and if we walk in love, then we will walk in life. 1 John 5:6-11
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Are You Overcome or an Overcomer?

Pastor Greg continues his message in 1 John and shares what are three characteristics of an overcomer. “This is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith.”
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Perfect Love – Part Deux

Pastor Greg is teaching this week and is continuing his study through 1 John. He shares how we can allow God’s love to be perfected in us and challenges us to allow the love to God to shape who we are (our identity) and to then let it flow through us to love others.
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Perfect Love

Pastor Greg teaches from 1 John 4 and asks the question: “Do you know who you are? Most of us have an identity issue – we don’t really know who we are in Christ.” 1 John 4
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Smell Test

Watch a video from Pastor Greg’s sermon on Memorial Day weekend as he taught from 1 John 4.
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A Little Less Talk & A Lot More Action

“Love is the mark of the believer.” “The essence of the agape love is in the giving.” “We all know John 3:16 but we should all also know 1 John 3:16.” Above are just a few quotes from Pastor Greg’s sermon this week. Take some time to listen or watch his message. Also take a moment to look up 1 John 3:16.