Sermons from April 2020

Sermons from April 2020

Sunday Worship 4/19/20 “Viral Spiral”

Enjoy our first live streamed service! “Among the ways God is speaking to the world today, one way is through a viral pandemic. He desires to show us our vulnerability and His reliability…We were not created to enjoy creation without needing our Creator…There is a redemptive purpose in the pain of it all.”

Easter Sunday Service 4-12-20

Join us in celebrating Our Risen Savior on this Easter morning! Pastor Vince shares how Easter is the greatest accomplishment because of what it has accomplished for all who have believed. Listen for a touching story that Pastor Vince shares about his dad listening to an old song in his car. It’s a beautiful analogy for Easter morning. Hallelujah! Christ has risen!

Sunday Worship 4/5/20 Palms Waved, Palms Pierced

Pastor Vince encourages us to look at the heart of Jesus on that Palm Sunday. “Jesus valued the joy of heaven over the things of Earth. He chose humility over fame. He chose servanthood over power. He chose surrender over survival.” Below are the links that Pastor Greg mentioned: Family Time Activity Books: Free Family Time Training Resources: