Sermons from July 2020

Sermons from July 2020

Jesus on the Witness Stand

Pastor Vince continues his series of “Evidence for a Reasonable Faith” where he brings Jesus to the witness stand to declare the Scriptures as the Word of God. We can be confident in the Word of God, abide by it and apply it to our lives to comfort us, challenge us, correct us and anchor us.

Seeing Is Not Always Believing

Pastor Vince continues his series “Evidence for a Reasonable Faith.” This week, he focuses on the historical evidence of the life of Christ apart from the Gospels by sharing three different sources. If these sources are accurate in confirming the truth of Christ, the bigger question for us is how will we respond to that truth? Parents, here is a link to a coloring sheet for your kids to use that corresponds with Pastor Greg’s lesson today.

Confident Content

Please join us as Pastor Vince continues his series called “Evidence for a Reasonable Faith”. This week he speaks on the confidence in the content the gospel writers were writing and how it would be necessary to bring us to a critical decision. Families of graduates! Please click on this link to share your graduate’s name, school, degree and a photo of them that we can use in a slideshow so we can acknowledge their accomplishment and celebrate with you!…

The Way of Holiness

With all the things going on in the world, it can make us feel like our head is going to explode. So many problems. So much sadness and difficulty. This world is on a certain path…a path that will lead to destruction. And we wonder if there is another path? Pastor Greg teaches from Isaiah where another path is described – a way of holiness.