Sermons from March 2021

Sermons from March 2021

Is Your Song a “Hope So” or a “Know So”?

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 15 but also speaks of Palm Sunday as he makes a side by side comparison between the two crowds. He also points out a contrast between them. “Pray for the Holy Spirit to increase your faith to move from a ‘hope so’ faith to a ‘know so’ faith.”

“The Song That Changes the Scene”

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 14 and shares how this chapter is similar to a spring weather tease in the midst of a harsh winter. “There is a song that Christians can sing that can change the scene. We have the ability to change the scene from panic to praise; from discouragement to encouragement; from fear to peace…What can change any scene? The power of the song of the gospel…If we focus on Jesus’ truth that He has…

There is Treasure in the Trial

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 13 by starting out in Matthew 13 and reminds us that what we have in the kingdom of God is so much greater than the treasures this Earth offers. “What is it that my heart is seeking above all else as I journey the fields of this world? There is a temptation when one studies the book of Revelation to get all wrapped up as if the most important thing is to figure…