Sermons by Vince McDonald (Page 3)

Sermons by Vince McDonald (Page 3)

“Let My People Think”

Pastor Vince begins a new series entitled, “Evidences for a Reasonable Faith.” Everything we know and believe of God was initiated by Him. We believe in God because He wanted to reveal Himself to us so that we would respond in faith to Him. What are at least two ways that God has revealed Himself? Watch this message to find out.

Sunday Worship May 17, 2020 “I Want to be Stopped in my Tracks”

Pastor Vince begins his teaching in Joshua 5 and reminds us that as we are all walking on God’s earth, He offers us a wonderful relationship with Him. Yet, there is something that we need to be sure of. This relationship will never begin with our demands but will only begin with us on our knees in awe of the power, of the goodness and the love of God.

Sunday Worship 5/3/20 “How Beautiful”

During this pandemic, we have been faced with our limitations that we are not always able to be present and close with those we love. Yet, Pastor Vince shares with us that Jesus is not nor will ever lost His ability to be ever present with us. Nothing will ever stop Him to have beautiful communion with us. May we accept His invitation to walk in communion with Him every day.

Sunday Worship 4/19/20 “Viral Spiral”

Enjoy our first live streamed service! “Among the ways God is speaking to the world today, one way is through a viral pandemic. He desires to show us our vulnerability and His reliability…We were not created to enjoy creation without needing our Creator…There is a redemptive purpose in the pain of it all.”

Easter Sunday Service 4-12-20

Join us in celebrating Our Risen Savior on this Easter morning! Pastor Vince shares how Easter is the greatest accomplishment because of what it has accomplished for all who have believed. Listen for a touching story that Pastor Vince shares about his dad listening to an old song in his car. It’s a beautiful analogy for Easter morning. Hallelujah! Christ has risen!

Sunday Worship 4/5/20 Palms Waved, Palms Pierced

Pastor Vince encourages us to look at the heart of Jesus on that Palm Sunday. “Jesus valued the joy of heaven over the things of Earth. He chose humility over fame. He chose servanthood over power. He chose surrender over survival.” Below are the links that Pastor Greg mentioned: Family Time Activity Books: Free Family Time Training Resources:

Sunday Worship: 3/29/20 From Fright to Sight

The same fear the Israelites experienced when they saw the giant Goliath is the same fear we can be experiencing as we face COVID-19. It also doesn’t have to be a global event – it can be personal event that stirs up great fear. Sometimes it is waiting for test results or a job interview. The fear can be consuming. It is all that we see. In today’s message, Pastor Vince helps us to not be consumed by alarming events…

Right Where You Are

In our vulnerability and brokenness, Jesus doesn’t keep His distance from us. We can have perfect fellowship with Him because God sent His Son to rescue us out of our brokenness. God calls us to slow down and remember that what matters most is for us to embrace His presence in our daily lives.

Sunday Worship: 3/22/20 Look Up and Listen

Throughout the generations, God has spoken to man in various forms. One way is through the skies. He spoke to Noah through the sign of the rainbow. He spoke to David through the vastness of the night sky. Today, He continues to use the sky to speak to us. Pastor Vince shares from Psalm 19 and reminds us of the foundational truth that God is above it all and He is not impacted by the things that shake us. Yet,…

Who Came Up With This Idea?

Pastor Vince teaches on the subject of marriage by focusing on these four points: the place, the purpose, the permanence, and the power of marriage. “It is important to see Who came up with this idea of marriage: God did! It is also important to remember it is for the purpose of mutual loving care that can not only impact your spouse, but your children, your church and the world around you.”

He Will, With Your Life

Pastor Vince continues his study in 1 Corinthians 6:9-20 by reminding us of what the book of Revelations teaches us: that Jesus is in the midst of His people. Keeping that in mind makes all the difference as we dive into this passage in 1 Corinthians. Pastor Vince shares four insights: what sin does – what Jesus does – what sin seeks to still do – what Jesus keeps doing.

Go to His Corner Before the Courtroom

Pastor Vince begins his study of 1 Corinthians chapter 6 by reading John 13:35: “By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” It is Jesus’ words in this verse that must guide us when we encounter conflict with other believers. Listen in to receive encouraging words on how to glorify God through conflict.

One Sentence That Changed Ours

In 1 Corinthians 5, there is a sentence that seems random and out of place. Does it really belong there? Pastor Vince shares that not only does it belong, but it is the central reason why the Corinthians were able to have victory over sin. This one sentence that seems out of context is actually the heart of the gospel. Listen in to find out what the sentence is and how it can change you.

Urgent Warning of Corinthian Virus

While the Corona virus is currently in the headlines and it is something we need to be praying for, Paul is alerting us to the Corinthian virus that has been affecting us for 2000 years. In chapter 5, Paul speaks of a virus that not only threatens to poison a person, but also the church.

Whether the Pope or pew-sitter, parent or Paul

Have you driven by a church sign that has gotten your attention? Pastor Vince shares one of his favorites: “The best vitamin for a Christian is B1.” Signs, slogans and social media posts desire to have an impact on us. They want to get our attention, to stir a thought, and to provoke interest. Pastor Vince asks us if we truly want our lives to impact others for the glory of God. In 1 Corinthians 4, Paul shares with us…

Is Re-Gifting Biblical?

How many of us have re-gifted a gift we received? While some may deny it, many of us have. Pastor Vince uses the subject of re-gifting in this week’s message from 1 Corinthians: “One thing that Paul will make clear in this passage is that none of us really have the ability to give a gift to anyone – we only have the ability to re-gift. We are all re-gifters…and we should be.” Why is that so? Listen in to…

Jesus, I’m an Open Book

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in 1 Corinthians and focuses on how each of our lives is an open book to God. Yet, we do not need to be fearful of that fact. Instead, we should be confident. How can we be confident in that? Listen in to find out.

He Sings a Love Song

Pastor Vince puts his own spin on the Christmas song, “Winter Wonderland.” He shares of Someone Who has come to sing a new song in our lives that is “here to stay.” That new song is a love song that God is singing to us. He sings, “I want to be with you.” He sings this love song “as we go along” every day of our lives. John 1:14

Your Defining Moment

Those familiar with the Christmas story know that the wise men used a star to find Jesus. The star was a visible display of guidance provided by God for them. Pastor Vince reminds us that God guides our lives daily not by a star but by a defining moment. What is that specific defining moment? Take a listen to find out. Luke 2